G Street Apartment Homes
3561 & 3565 South G Street
Tacoma, WA 98418
253-988-6041 (Jose)
866-305-1393 (Fax)

This Unit is Scheduled to Become available:
G Street Apartments

  • Each Unit is 2 Bedrooms, 1 Bath
  • The unit is 890+ SF
  • The bedrooms are Very Spacious
  • Lots of Closet Space!
  • Full Size Laundry Room (Not a Closet)
  • Safe & Friendly Atmosphere
The Unit is being completly Remodeled and will have:

  • New Texture & Paint
  • New Electrical & Lighting
  • New Flooring Throughout
  • New Window Coverings
  • Stove, Fridge, & Dish Washer
  • Full Size Washer & Dryer available!
  • Kitchen Counter top & Cabinet Facing
Additional Information: PLEASE READ!
- First & Foremost
We ask that you be HONEST with us, We are family owned and have work very hard to get where we are today.  Having said that our family has gone through similar ups and downs just like yours.  Don't let anything that's happened in your past keep you from giving us a call and finding out if we can work something out with you.

- What if I have No, New, or Bad Credit?
NO Problem We Work with all type of Credit!  We understand that Life Happens...

- How Much is The Deposit?
Our Deposit Starts at $500.00* (Depending on your Credit, & Rental History But, don't stress we'll work with you!!!)

- What is The Application Fee?
A one time fee of $35.00 Per Adult.  We Conduct a thorough Credit, Background, & Rental history Check to insure residents Safety!  If your interested you can Download the Application by Clicking on the "BLUE" Link just above this text box!  (Don't stress we'll work with you!!!)

- What about Parking?
We have a 12 vehicle parking lot that is for Residents " ONLY " 8 of the 12 are assigned the other 4 are not assigned and are for our residents that have more then one vehicle.  We insist that you have ALL guest park on the street, street parking in our neighborhood isn't a problem you can easily find parking within 25 feet or so.

What is the Pet Policy?
Unfortunately we have had many bad experiences with pets, however we do allow Fish (Up to a 30 Gallon Tank), and Small birds.  We do Not allow Dogs, Cats, Rodents, or Reptiles.